• Nicole Banks

Meet Me On the East Side

Updated: Apr 23

Last night, we had the great good fortune to be invited to speak at the Far East Side Block Watch Coordinator's Holiday Potluck. We got to share the message of Starfish with these highly involved and dedicated community leaders. What a treat to spend time with them. If you live on the East Side, please consider getting involved in your local block watches. You will meet fun, organized, caring people who want to make a difference in their communities.

Oh, and they put on an EXCELLENT potluck! We're already hoping to get an invitation for next year's event. For some reason, we didn't take pictures of the epic spread they put on. Huge failure on our part.

Thank you to the Coordinators for inviting us, and to Columbus Division of Police Sgt Ed Daniher, Ofc David LaRoche, and Ofc James Poole for believing in Starfish Assignment's vision. We really appreciate you working to spread our message and to connect us with such great people.



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