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On To Plan B

Tomorrow, Jim, Rohan, and I are scheduled to meet with a local reporter who is interested in telling our story. Because of that likely press coverage, and because this Facebook fundraiser times out either late tomorrow or on Saturday (we'll find out), I've started a GoFundMe, available here:…/marine-purple-heart-recipient

Now for the crappy news. Jim, Arnon Reichers, and I went to a local car dealership today, thinking we were going to buy that 2004 Toyota Sienna we've been talking about for days. Alas, there was a miscommunication on the mileage, and the vehicle we thought had 80,000 miles actually had 197,000. Everyone involved agreed it would be best for us to find a different vehicle for Jim, and that's how we ended the night.

I will have more updates tomorrow, I am sure, but for tonight I'm tired and bit dismayed that things didn't go the way we planned.

Huge shout out to Prof. Reichers, who has grown even more delightful in the years since I had her in MBA school. Thanks for keeping us sane this evening, and thanks for the dinner!

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