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Pizza Patrol Luncheon: Burroughs Elementary

What a great event today at Burroughs Elementary with Columbus Division of Police and State Farm Agent Kim Roe. Sixty kids had a pizza lunch with Officers Newsome, Chung, Sigman, Peck, LaRoche, Paulis, and Townsend. Officers Zacher and Shay joined us later at the playground.

Each child went home with a gift bag stocked with snacks, school supplies, stickers, and even a dental kit so they can keep those beautiful smiles in top shape. One boy was so happy to have a new toothbrush that he popped it into his mouth immediately!

The kids treated the officers like rock stars, giving them waves and high fives, and teasing them happily about their age and ability to play basketball. Over lunch, the officers checked out some of the kids' schoolwork and even did a bit of arm wrestling. I later heard one shy little girl telling Ofc. Zacher that she loves her. ❤️

The officers left clothing supplies for the school to hand out to kids as needed, including approximately 15 coats from our ongoing coat drive.

Next up, we're hoping to have another Pizza Patrol lunch in the Hilltop, one on the east side, and one on the south side. Thank you to Kim Roe and team for their extreme generosity in covering the entire cost of all 17 Donato's pizzas (!!) and for donating the State Farm book bags that held the goodies donated by our Starfish family. We appreciate everyone who contributed items and who worked so hard to make this lunch such a success!

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