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Pizza Patrol Round II

Today was our second Pizza Patrol luncheon with Columbus Division of Police at Valleyview Elementary School in the Hilltop. The kids and staff were so welcoming and so happy to have the officers there. Special thanks to Orlandi's Cleaning for sponsoring the pizza today and for donating notebooks and erasers to the gift bags. Thanks to Columbus Ohio Division of Police Recruitment for donating those snazzy yellow bags, and thanks to you, our wonderful volunteers, for helping to fill those bags with various treats. As you can see from the pictures, the kids were thrilled with both the luncheon and their presents!

It is such a privilege to attend these lunches, and I want to deeply thank ALL of you who contributed to this. The kids were adorable. They asked so many questions and were so excited to have the officers there. I heard kids in other classes make comments about how lucky the fifth graders were to have lunch with the cops. The fifth graders themselves seemed to feel the same way: I saw more than one kiddo holding out a notebook to gather autographs!

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