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Help For a Family of 8

Hello Starfish family:

We have just received a micro assignment and hope you can lend a hand and help this family having a rough patch at this moment. Officer James Poole (our guest speaker from last meeting) ran across them today while working. He has made referral to our organization knowing the need is real. It’s a family of 8 (two parents and 6 kids) that are trying to make it back home to Wisconsin. Their Caravan has broken down on their drive back home from Florida where they were taking care of family concerns. They fixed the car once which actually depleted their funds. They currently only have $50.00 for food. The father has been finding odd jobs the last three days to at least pay for the hotel room where they currently find themselves, unfortunately, not enough money for food all day or to fix the vehicle. Father hopes to receive money from a family member soon, but does not have a clear picture of when this may occur. The children range from ages 8-14. The family could use a hand with auto repair, food and hotel expense to get back on track and make it home. Thank you for your support! Please reach out for more information.

Referring Officer: James Poole

Starfish volunteer lead for assignment: Shirley Cartagena

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