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Transportation to Job

Yesterday morning, we were contacted by Columbus Division of Police Ofc Trevor Wolfe (7 Pct, East Side), who had met a 16-year-old boy, Derick, who was walking home from a bus stop after his job at Burger King. Ofc Wolfe offered Derick a ride home and learned his bike had recently been stolen. From Ofc Wolfe's email, "[I] was impressed with his politeness and overall demeanor. [Derick] stated that he wanted to be a police officer when he was old enough but also that he was interested in joining the Marines. I would like to help purchase a bike for [him]."

We reached out to our friend Nick at Walmart, who said they'd love to be involved, not only giving Derick this wonderful bike but a two year service plan that will replace the bike if anything goes wrong with it. Starfish keeps a (very) heavy duty combination lock in stock for just such an occasion, so by the time Ofc Wolfe was next in his patrol vehicle, we had the pleasure of meeting up with him and Derick!

Our president is a former Marine Corps MP, so she spoke to Derick about the Corps, and Ofc Wolfe spoke to Derick about CPD and the Columbus Police Explorers, which is a wonderful program run by Columbus Ohio Division of Police Recruitment.

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