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Assignment Update: New Wheels

ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We were asked to provide bicycles for two siblings who had birthdays very close together and to help the family with household goods, toiletries, Kroger gift cards, and cleaning supplies.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Kyle Cull and Aaron McDonald (Columbus Division of Police, 12 Precinct). Ofc Cull had training this evening, so you'll see in the photos that Ofc Teiga took his place.

Thanks to your generous donations of cash, toiletries, cleaning supplies and clothing, we were able to give the family everything the officers requested. Facilitators Suzanne Hoffman Maginn and Nicole Banks met Ofcs Cull and McDonald at Walmart today to shop for the family. Together they picked out additional cleaning supplies and toiletries, household goods, a bike, bike locks, gift cards, and clothing for the family.

Later in the afternoon, Ofcs McDonald and Teiga, along with Nicole and Suzanne, went to their house to drop off the gifts, pizza, and birthday cake and were greeted by the family and several other kids from the neighborhood. The older boys were thrilled to find that we'd had three used bikes donated for them. Two of them you'll see in the pictures. The third needed a minor repair that the officers will make in the next day or two and then take it to the family. The kids were so happy to each have their own bike (and each of them received their own lock as well).

We asked Mom if she'd like to say anything to the donors and officers, and this is what she wrote:

"Thank you Ofc Cull and Ofc McDonald and the rest of the team for blessing my Family. Ofc Cull and Ofc McDonald would meet my boys after school @ 5:30 pm to play basketball with them. They both ask my boys how is school going and my boys would say good and Ofc Cull would tell them do your best and we'll come and play basketball. I started to see a change in my boys. Ofc Cull and Ofc McDonald are great Role models and I thank them both for taking the time out there day and stopped by. When my boys see cop cars they think it’s them and they smile every time they come."

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