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30 Days of Kindness: Day 3

Today's act of kindness comes from Ashley, who channeled her upset over her COVID-19 canceled honeymoon (and at-risk wedding reception) into making home-baked goodies. She distracted herself by making Amish Cinnamon Bread and Lemon Loaf, then wrapped them hot from the oven and deposited them on the doorsteps of a few neighbors. She's provided the recipes if you'd like to do the same for your neighbors.

If your baking would alienate rather than endear your neighbors to you, how about writing them a note thanking them for...having really sweet kids? Dogs? Pretty holiday decorations? Flowers in the summer that you're looking forward to this year? This doesn't cost a thing and it can mean so much to someone, especially in these times. Or don't forget you can always send a thank you email to service workers you particularly appreciate or text friends or co-workers you miss. 


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