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A Message From Our Founder


You may have noticed that our post from yesterday was a bit vague. We didn't identify the group we worked with who drew all the care bags for Columbus Division of Police officers, nor did we post the photos they sent us of the children who made them. This is because over the past week, we've become the subject of a great deal of hate from certain groups, especially on Twitter, including one post, since removed, that started off, "Starfish Assignment is just a propaganda wing of the police..." and went very downhill from there.

We don't want to subject other groups to this type of vitriol, so we will be more guarded about how and what we post in the future. For nearly two years now, we've prided ourselves on our openness, but we hope you understand why this adjustment is necessary and that there will probably be other changes in store for our organization in order to protect our volunteers and the officers who work with us.

Since May 30, I've had the privilege of volunteering at CPD Headquarters on five different days, up to 14 hours a day, supporting the officers who are protecting our city. I've learned a lot during that time, and while before I thought that charities would be off-limits from radicals on both sides, particularly when the charity's primary mission is to help people in need, I have definitely and sadly been dissuaded of that notion.

We have no intention of changing what we do, but you should know that change may be out of our hands. For example, there is currently a petition circulating to remove CPD officers from Columbus City Schools. If that happens, there will be no more Books & Badges in CCS, no more winter coats given out directly through the schools, no more principals or guidance counselors reaching out to the Community Liaison Officers asking for (and receiving) shoes/food/Christmas presents for kids in need. There is a shareable post on my Facebook profile about it if you're interested. I don't have a solution for that, so if any of you come up with one, please let me know.

As always, thank you for your support. We really appreciate you.

~Nicole Banks


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