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Assignment: Replace Stolen Birthday Presents

ASSIGNMENT: Replace birthday presents for a soon-to-be 5-year-old girl whose gifts were stolen from the car where her mother was storing them.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Columbus Division of Police Officers Scott Gibson, Heidi Graber, and Aaron Neal (13 Precinct, South Side)

This morning when Ofc Graber was in training with Ofc Neal, Ofc Gibson texted her and asked if she had any presents left from Christmas donations that would be suitable for a young girl. He explained that he'd just taken a report for a vehicle break-in. The owner had been saving for months to buy birthday presents for her daughter's fifth birthday. Ofc Gibson wanted to replace the little girl's gifts and was hoping that Ofc Graber would be able to help him with that.

Unfortunately, Ofc Graber didn't have any presents left to give him, so she contacted us. Because the little girl's birthday is going to be celebrated on Saturday, and the officers had a chance to get the presents today while they had a lunch break from training, we authorized them to buy the gifts with money from our emergency fund.

They went shopping at lunchtime, buying her a couple of outfits, coloring books and art supplies, a workbook, Barbies, unicorn items, and mermaid toys. As you can see she was absolutely thrilled!

We're asking for your donations of $157.00 to cover the costs of the gifts. Any amount above that will be added to our emergency fund for future events. Thank you!


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