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Assignment: Thanksgiving For West Side Families

ASSIGNMENT: Donate funds towards grocery store gift cards for families in need on the West Side of Columbus.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Multiple, including Columbus Division of Police Officers Ed Chung (19 Precinct, Hilltop), Kelly Shay (8 Precinct, Franklinton), and Sean Taylor (10 Precinct, Southwest Side), as well as Franklin Township Police Department Sergeant Dave Pollock.

The group Sahara-Columbus, who donated blessing bags to CPD officers in June, asked if they could partner with Starfish and officers to deliver 50 Thanksgiving dinners to people in need. The group's beautiful blessing bags will be lovingly decorated by children and will contain an assortment of items as shown in the photo. We immediately contacted CPD officers on the West Side in three different precincts, as well as Sgt Pollock at Franklin Township PD, who were all thrilled to participate.

Each of the 50 recipients will be chosen by officers, who will also deliver them personally. We thought that, since so many families are having tough times it would be really nice to include grocery gift cards to buy items, especially perishables, that we can't include in the bags. Already, CME Federal Credit Union and the Wartel Family Foundation have made donations that are allowing us to put $20 Kroger gift cards in each bag! We're hoping that our supporters will enable us to increase that amount to $25, $30, or more. Thank you, as always, for your support!


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