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Bikes Assignment 2021 Kick-Off

Thanks to your efforts, last year we joined forces with Columbus Division of Police to give away 75 bikes to children in Wedgewood. This year, we're partnering with CPD, Dublin Police, OSU Police, and the Columbus Regional Airport Authority Police to give away bikes through Columbus Recreation and Parks Department at centers in Linden, the Hilltop, and the East Side. (We're hoping to obtain enough bikes to add a fourth site on the South Side. But let's keep that between us, OK? 😉)

We are so excited about this!

Today, CPD Sergeant Andre Tate and Officer Shawn Lutz started picking up bikes from donors in Powell and from what we'd been storing over the winter from donors. As you can see, we're off to a great start, but we need approximately 400 bikes to get to our goal. We're hoping you'll be able to help us again!

CPD officers will be partnering with the youth of IMPACT Community Action to make repairs to the donated bikes before the giveaway events in May. The staff of IMPACT and the officers will be using the donated bikes to teach their youth the in-demand skill of bicycle repair so that they can obtain jobs in the field. How wonderful is that?

If you are able to donate a gently used bicycle, please email us at so we can arrange a pickup. Thank you!


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