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Bikes for Kids in Wedgewood Apartments

Yesterday, with the help of volunteers and the Columbus Division of Police, we continued fixing up the donated bikes for the children at Wedgewood Apartments. Lead Assignment volunteer Jack Carlin began the work on Friday morning by categorizing the approximately 75 bikes as follows:

  1. Bikes that can't be fixed but that could be used for parts.

  2. Bikes needing major repairs.

  3. Bikes needing minor repairs.

  4. Bikes ready to be washed.

Two days later, all the bikes are washed and oiled. Most of the minor repairs are done, and all of the major repairs are fixed. Approximately half of the bikes are completely ready to go. In the "minor repairs" category, many of them only need to have reflectors replaced--obviously neither CPD nor Starfish wants to give bikes to kids that aren't safe.

Over the coming days, Jack, Ofc Sean Taylor, CPD's Safe Streets Unit, and a few other officers and volunteers will work to get those reflectors installed and complete the other repairs. We're excited about the bike giveaway at Wedgewood and can't wait to post pictures of the event!


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