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Books & Badges: Marion Police

Please join us in welcoming the Marion Police Department to the Starfish family. They are just as excited by the partnership as we are! Starfish Board Members Nicole Banks and Tim Becker traveled to Marion last week to drop off their books for Books & Badges, and they were warmly greeted by Mayor Scott Schertzer, Police Chief Jay McDonald, Marion City Schools Superintendent Ron Iarussi, Lieutenant Ed Brown, and School Resource Officer Gabriel.

Nicole reports she was honored to meet everyone and is thrilled by the momentum Marion has already created. "Lt Brown said he already has a long list of volunteers ready to read to kids." She added that Marion Six chided her for not letting them know they were coming to the station so they could say hello. "They work evenings but would have come in for our morning meeting if we had told them," she said with a laugh. "I can't wait to see the pictures of K-9 Six doing his Books & Badges reading." (We included a photo of Six since he missed the meeting.)

The Marion Star and Radio Station Majic 95.9 FM were both there. Please check out their coverage for more information.


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