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By the Numbers...

By the numbers...

With our second anniversary last week, our volunteer Jack Carlin put together a spreadsheet for us of our Assignments over the past two years. It was fun reminiscing about what we've done and the lives we've touched--5,000 people in all. Amazing, isn't it?

That 5,000 doesn't count our Books & Badges readings. We've done more than 2,000 of them in person since our first one on December 19, 2019. Then the virtual Books & Badges readings we started with Columbus Division of Police officers after the Covid-19 pandemic shut down our in-person ones been viewed by nearly 229,000 people! (We're going to start doing these again very soon on our Books & Badges page, so make sure you give that page a "like" if you're on Facebook.)

These numbers also don't include the CPD officers we've reached out to. You may remember we did Easter baskets for all 20 precincts, and other units such as the Community Liaison Officers, In/Tac, and K-9. We also fed our officer friends multiple times during the riots/protests.

Thanks to all of you for playing a role in touching all these lives. Some of you may not know how we got our name, but it's based on the story of a little boy who knows that although he can't save every starfish that's washed up onto the shore, he can make a difference for one. Just like that little boy, we set out to make a difference for one. But because of you, we've made a difference for thousands. What a success!

💙Thank you, thank you, thank you.💙


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