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Clintonville Christmas

We're excited to share an update on our latest heartwarming adventure with the Columbus Division of Police officers from 3 Precinct (Clintonville). Remember those bikes we purchased earlier this month? Well, last night, they found their new homes! We were all thrilled to hear the kids' laughter and to watch them zip around the substation parking lot. Their older brother was also smiling from ear to ear when he saw his new TV.

There's more magic to come! Alongside these gifts, we've also worked with the officers and others to gather additional special presents that they will be opening on Christmas Day. The officers wrapped everything, so we don't want to write about it now and spoil the surprise, but we'll let you know afterward.

In a hilarious and unforgettable Starfish first, the little boy decided to add his own twist to the evening. After enjoying his new bike and some playtime with CPD Therapy Dog Unit pup Maverick, he revealed his cheeky plan. Out came a can of Silly String from his backpack, and in no time, he had everyone – officers and Maverick included – covered in pink string! Hilarious, and we're absolutely sure he'll be sharing that story for years to come.

We want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to Byers Airport Subaru, The Cooper Family Foundation, CME Federal Credit Union, Hart Dental Group, many individual Starfish supporters, and the compassionate and dedicated officers who make these moments possible. Your kindness and generosity don't just change lives; they create unforgettable memories and smiles that last a lifetime.


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