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Cops & Gobblers

Today's Cops & Gobblers event at Rosewind Apartments in South Linden was wonderful. Columbus Division of Police​ officers went door to door handing out frozen turkeys and sides to every home, laughing and connecting with residents and each other under sunny skies. As we explained on Monday, this Thanksgiving event was the idea of 5 Precinct (South Linden) Officers Mike Daymut and Joshua Bell. They came to us in early September, wanting to give out 150 turkey dinners to every home in Rosewind. We love the fact that even then they were thinking about making sure the people in their patrol area would have a happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks to a generous donation from KEMBA Financial Credit Union​, and the support of Walmart Columbus - Morse Rd​, Columbus Recreation and Parks Department​, Columbus police officers and Starfish volunteers were able to deliver the dinners to all but 45 families today. Those who weren't at home were left a flyer letting them know how they could pick up their food at nearby Douglas Recreation Center.

The officers were greeted warmly. Sometimes when other occupants of the house learned what the person at the door had just received, they would rush out to thank everyone. We could hear calls of, "Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!" echo down the block.

Our friends Andy and Eddie from the CPD Therapy Dog Unit​ joined us, accompanied by their handlers Sgt Chantay Boxill and Ofc John Gagnon. Ofc Gagnon and Eddie road behind the supply truck, turning it into a tiny little parade, especially when Eddie was riding shotgun and Ofc James Poole was making funny faces at us from the back of the supply truck.

It was a very special event. Thank you to our sponsors, the CPD officers, and our volunteers for making it happen. We truly hope we get to do this again next year.


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