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Deputy Chief Tim Becker

On Friday, Deputy Chief Tim Becker retires from the Columbus Division of Police after 34 years of dignified and selfless service. We were fortunate to meet him in 2019, and he has been our friend and supporter ever since, serving on both our Executive and Advisory Boards to help us grow as an organization to help those in need.

We would not be the same charity without him. Our President and Founder, Nicole Banks, spoke with him about a program she had an idea for. She thought it would be great if officers could go in and read to kids in schools, and then every child would receive a copy of the book. That was a Friday. He took the idea to the chief and other deputy chiefs the following Monday, and it was approved immediately. We now have 18 agencies participating in the Books & Badges program in three states and have donated more than 24,000 books to them.

Chief Becker has done many Books & Badges readings himself, encouraging other officers at every level of the Division to join him. His last one was at Feddersen Community Center, to a group of delighted, brilliant children. Amazingly, Feddersen was where he graduated from the police academy. He did his final Books & Badges reading in the same room where he began his career--a sweet gift that we did not plan, could not have planned.

Chief Becker loves working with the community and officers so much that when we plan significant events, we first check his calendar to try to make sure he can come. He genuinely loves being involved, talking to people, being in substations, helping hand out items, and making a difference.

He got in a dunk tank at the first event we ever had one at, and it was entirely unplanned. An officer told him he would donate to Starfish if he got in. Chief grinned, turned his gunbelt over to some other officers for safekeeping, and got in without even having a change of clothes for the ride home. The kids were as thrilled as the officers. After that, he got in many dunk tanks, and his actions set a tone for other officers. Kids absolutely love it when they find out one of the CPD bosses is in the dunk tank. They will squeal with delight and excitedly get back in line for another try.

We call him "Shiny Tim" because he is all shiny in his uniform. The uniform will be gone after this week, and he will simply be "Tim." But his impact on the Division and Starfish will not go away. That is all any of us can hope for--that our actions will make a difference even after we have moved on to other things, that even if people do not remember why they are doing something good or how something good got started, they are still doing it.

Tim, you leave a lasting legacy. Thank you for your service to the city and for helping us become the charity we are. You are loved and appreciated, and we are excited to see what the world brings to you now.


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