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Dublin Bike Donation Drive

It's time for the Third Annual Bikes & Badges! Our friends at Dublin Police are going to start us off by accepting gently used bikes on Saturday, April 2 from 11am to 1pm at the Dublin Justice Center, 6565 Commerce Parkway. We hope to see you there.

Those of you who have followed our last two events know this is a huge undertaking. In fact, it's the most complicated and labor-intensive Assignment we do, and many of the departments we partner with in Central Ohio will be involved, so rest assured we'll be including many more updates along the way. Stay tuned!

Here are some frequently asked questions about Bikes & Badges. If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, please email us at Thank you for your support!

Are you accepting adult-size bikes? Or tricycles? Or balance bikes?

Yes, at this time, we're accepting all sizes as long as they're in good condition. However, we particularly need bikes for little kids (under age 12).

Can you pick up bikes like you did this year?

No, we're sorry, but due to personnel constraints, we are unable to offer pickup service this year.

Is Dublin the only donation drive you'll have?

We will probably have one or two more. Stay tuned to our social media for details!

Where are you going to give away the bikes?

We'll be partnering with Columbus Police and Columbus Recreating and Parks to choose sites in Columbus for the giveaways.

How does someone get a bike?

We work with CPD officers and Columbus Recs & Parks personnel to determine who gets bicycles.

Do you announce when the giveaways are?

No. We have a limited number of bikes and as we discussed above, it's decided ahead of time who is receiving them. To announce the giveaways would lead to some disappointed kiddos and we would never want that.

I have a bike that's not in good condition. What should I do with it?

Please consider giving it to Franklinton Cycle Works. They do wonderful things with bikes!


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