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Forward Air

We've been fortunate to work with our friends from Forward Air three years in a row. The first year, they worked with Columbus Division of Police Officer Mel Romans in Linden, sponsoring a family who wouldn't be able to afford Christmas without their help. Last year, they worked with Officer Ed Chung on the Hilltop, helping a single mom and her children who had just moved to Columbus have a happy Christmas after a serious car crash.

This year, they outdid even those fantastic acts.

We connected them to Felony Assault Detective Frank Miller, who asked for help for a woman who was a victim of a horrific crime. Because it is still an active case, we don't want to divulge any details, but we were honored that Detective Miller came to us to help this deserving woman and her family. She fought back from life-threatening injuries and we knew Forward Air was the perfect company to help. They took care of not only her children, but her as well. So sweet.

But that's not all. They asked what else they could do to help. We decided on children's socks and underwear drive, knowing that many of our officers would love to have these to give to families and agencies they work with. Again, they really came through, gathering four big boxes of high-quality socks and underwear. We've already given some out to our friends at 13 Precinct and will pass out the remainder in the coming days.

Thank you, Forward Air! We look "forward" to working with you again very soon.


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