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Fourth Annual Coat Drive

Our Fourth Annual Columbus Division of Police/AEP Ohio Coat Drive kicked off yesterday! CPD officers are distributing over 400 coats across the city to pre-selected children they've met while on duty or that have been identified by our partners at Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

We are so grateful to AEP Ohio for their continued support of this important effort. We started this coat drive in 2018, the year we were established, after patrol officers told us that they frequently see children in the cold of winter without coats and that anything we could do for them would be welcome.

Thanks also to Macy's for helping us obtain these beautiful, warm coats despite the supply challenges they and other retailers are facing this year, and to the officers and volunteers who made this event possible after months of planning.

Yesterday was a wonderful day, and we're so happy to know that it was only the beginning. Now begins the fun part--officers interacting with children who need that warm hug of a brand new coat.


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