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Franklin Township Police Department

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Franklin Township Police Department​. This agency is located in the western part of the city and is completely surrounded by Columbus Division of Police​ patrol areas, specifically Franklinton (8 Precinct), the Hilltop (19 Precinct), and the Far West and Southwest Sides (15 and 10 Precincts). Obviously, they work very closely with CPD.

Franklin Township has 13 officers who care a great deal about their community, so we're honored to be able to support their efforts. Sergeant Dave Pollock went to our Books & Badges event at St Matthias last week and met with members of Starfish and CPD afterward. He learned about Books & Badges from the master, 20 Precinct Community Liaison Officer James Poole, who has done more than 1,000 readings.

Officer Poole and Officer Sean Taylor, who led the Wedgewood Bikes Assignment, spoke to Sergeant Pollock about how Starfish works with officers to help the community and what Franklin Township can expect from us when they come to us, whether that need is large or small.

As it happens, we were able to connect them with some help just a short time later. We found out that Franklin Township officers were paying for Trunk or Treat candy themselves, so we turned to our friends at CME Federal Credit Union​. They were happy to donate a bunch of candy for their event tomorrow--it's the same one many CPD officers will be attending, including Officer David Jones and K-9 Ayko from our Halloween Assignment yesterday. We hope you'll stop by, and if you do, please welcome Franklin Township to the Starfish family! It's October 31 from 1-3PM at Central Baptist Church, 1955 Frank Road.


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