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Happy Birthday, Sincere!

Today we got to go with our friends from Columbus Division of Police and Columbus Division of Fire to wish a very happy birthday to 9-year-old Sincere. His mom said she's been having some health problems lately, and since Sincere wants to be either a police officer or a firefighter when he grows up, she was hoping they could stop by to help make his day special. They sure could.

Sincere was so excited that his face radiated pure joy, and more than one adult had to wipe their eyes as they were overcome with emotion. He happily checked out the big fire truck, a police cruiser, and a motorcycle. He said hi not only to all the firefighters and police officers there, but also to CPD Therapy Dog Unit's newest addition, Maverick.

They gave him cupcakes, patches, a coin, a Lego police car, and balloons. There were some hugs going around, too. Sincere's awesome sisters had a sign ready for everyone to sign so he has a memento of this special occasion. What a wonderful, wonderful day!

Happy birthday, Sincere! 🥳


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