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Linden Opportunity Center

The new Linden Community Center is beautiful in so many ways. When you drive up to it you will be impressed by how large it is. When you enter, you'll be greeted by friendly staff and a sweeping expanse of space. Wait until you see the sparkling gymnasium and the exercise room. Or maybe you'd like to see the chef's kitchen...ceramics room...senior area. It's all amazing!

Ask for a tour. Perhaps Center Manager Mario Dovell will be the one who takes you. Many of you know that Mario is also on the Starfish board, and several of our other board members have already stopped by for tours of their own, including Starfish President Nicole Banks and Columbus Division of Police Deputy Chief Tim Becker.

The Linden Center even has a new name--it's called an Opportunity Center because there are so many opportunities available for people who use the facilities. There are medical and training opportunities available, and in addition to fitness, arts, and cooking, there are other thoughtful additions such as a recording studio that accommodates singers, musicians, and people wanting to record podcasts.

Columbus Recreation and Parks Department is a close partner of ours, and we are thrilled for them, for the Linden area, and for our friend Mario. Stop by the center at 1350 Briarwood Avenue to see it for yourself.


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