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Linden Field Day Event

What a fun day we had yesterday at Linden Community Center with Columbus Division of Police and the Ohio State University Men's Basketball team. We all came together to celebrate the last week of the kids' summer camp program. There was lunch, a Books & Badges reading for the smaller kids, and field day games in the gym.

The Buckeyes arrived from practice in the middle of a hotly contested relay race between the younger children, and they immediately got into the fun. One player remarked with a grin, "It's louder in here than at my high school games!"

Some of the kids raced and played with party hats on. That's because the book of the day was "If You Give a Pig a Party," and we brought plenty of hats for everyone, even those who weren't there for Books & Badges. Who doesn't love a good party hat? Or two?

There were games with the cops, Buckeyes, and kids, with lots and lots of laughter. The Buckeyes are so tall that they don't even have to stand on their tiptoes to touch the basket. Did you know the tallest player on the team is 6'11"?

The Buckeyes all introduced themselves, said where they were from, and what they were majoring in. Many of them have very tough majors, and ALL of them encouraged the kids to study. One thing we learned is that they train six hours a day! They are very dedicated to their sport and have to stay focused.

It was such a wonderful day, and we are extremely grateful to everyone who made this event possible. We hope these pictures make you smile.


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