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Meeting Plymouth Police

We have a saying around here, based on four years of experience, that things always seem to work out for Starfish. Sometimes we say it to each other to motivate, sometimes to soothe. Sometimes in awe. This is one of those "in awe" stories...

Back in April, the Plymouth Police Department in Plymouth, Minnesota connected with us through one of our Starfish supporters, Okon Agano, about our Books and Badges program. (Which you may know just donated our 20,000th book!) We were honored that Okon thought so highly of us to be our advocate in other states, which he continues to do, and thrilled to partner with Plymouth.

Around the same time, Starfish Executive Vice-President Yee Hang, and his wife, Kindra, decided to move to St. Paul, Minnesota to be closer to his parents. As it happens, St. Paul is right by Plymouth. Things always work out for Starfish.

Yee recently met with our friends from the Plymouth Police Department's community engagement team (Sara Cwayna, Krystal Beauchane, Kasey Abukar, Terry Wetternach, and Steve Marti). He was impressed by their enthusiasm to grow the Starfish partnership and looks forward to working with them and other agencies in the area. Plymouth has their books stickered and ready for their students and will be conducting their first Books & Badges event this month. We look forward to hearing all about it!


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