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One Good Deed After Another

Something we're honored to do is support the morale and wellness of the officers we serve. We don't usually write about it when we do things for precincts that have been involved in critical incidents, both because we want to respect their privacy and because they're not happy posts. We generally like to keep you filled with hope and positivity. However, this time we think we can do that.

At the beginning of last month, officers from four West Side Columbus Division of Police precincts and one mid-watch responded to a double homicide that was very emotional for them. Therapy dogs and peer counselors were called to the scene and the involved officers were given the option to take the next day off. This support of the emotional health of the officers is very forward-thinking, and we're proud of CPD for caring so much about its officers.

Both on the evening after the event and on the one week anniversary of the event, we provided dinner from Minelli's Pizza, personally delivered by some of CPD's deputy chiefs, including now-Chief Mike Woods. That first night, we had never done a pizza order so large before, so we told the kind staff at Minelli's what we were doing and asked for their help on what to order. Not only did they guide us, but they gave us a huge discount, wanting to do their part to support the officers.

A few days later, a very nice woman from Clintonville contacted us and donated money that would pay for the next week's pizzas from Minelli's (again, which they gave us a wonderful discount on!) as well as feeding two shifts of officers for Precincts 3 and 17. Her home precinct is 3 (Clintonville), and she didn't want the 17 Precinct (Northwest Columbus) officers to be left out.

When we took the food for those shifts, we were accompanied by the owner of Sergeant Cupcake Confections, who wanted to donate homemade goodies to officers. Sergeant Cupcake's daughter got to meet the officers who were going to eat those cupcakes, and they also treated her to a tour of a cruiser (we've never seen anyone so happy to be in the back of a cruiser!).

To round off this tale that started off so sad but turned into one good deed after another, we decided we'd buy food for the remaining shift at 3/17 Precinct so they wouldn't feel left out. But when our president, who is friends with the manager of the restaurant they chose, contacted him to place the order, he donated the entire meal--far more than what we were even going to order!

Thank you to everyone who helped to bring smiles to the faces of officers from Precincts 10, 19, 8, 15, 3, 17, and Zone 3 Evening Mid-Watch. We are very grateful to be able to support the people who protect and serve our community, and we thank you so much for helping us do that.


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