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Sahara Columbus School Bag Donation

We got to meet up with our friends from Sahara Columbus again yesterday! The children worked very hard to make 75 bookbags filled with food and school supplies for Columbus Division of Police officers to hand out to kids across the city. They also made 80 snack kits with cute/uplifting sayings decorating the bags.

To thank them for their efforts, the officers from 1 Precinct Substation coordinated with the Helicopter Unit to give them a huge show. In addition to a tour of the substation, the chopper actually landed in the parking lot! It was SO much fun that people came from the neighborhood to take pictures and listen to pilots talk about their jobs. (The kids thought it was pretty funny that there are 21 pilots for Columbus--just like the music group of the same name, which is also from Columbus!)

We all watched in amazement as they took off and skillfully flew between two light poles. It was a wonderful sight to see, and people cheered and waved.

Then, everyone took a tour of CPD's newest substation, including visiting the mobile command center and learning about some of their equipment.

Afterward, Sahara Columbus dropped off all those beautiful bookbags and snacks they worked so hard on. What a wonderful evening. We were thrilled to be part of it! Thank you to everyone who made this possible.


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