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Starfish Board Changes

Please welcome Columbus Division of Police Commander Tim Myers to the Starfish Assignment Board of Directors. We are very excited to have him and will be even more excited when he returns from his Army deployment in a few months. He receives weekly emails from our President/Founder, Nicole Banks, who spent a year overseas when she was in the Marine Corps, so he is up-to-date on all things Starfish and will be able to pick up where he left off when he gets back.

Please read more about Commander Myers and the rest of our board members here.

Many of you know we celebrated our fourth anniversary last month. We decided this was a good time to revisit our bylaws, including adding an Advisory Board. Obviously, the lives of some of our board members have changed over the past four years in many different ways, and some have found it challenging to balance those changes with the growth of Starfish. However, despite the increased demands on their time, they still want to be involved with Starfish via the Advisory Board.

In addition, we'd like to welcome Lieutenant Chris Lieb to our Advisory Board. Lieutenant Lieb has been actively involved in nearly all of our Assignments since the summer of 2021. He is able to come up with simple solutions for seemingly complex problems and is always cheerful (and willing to get in a dunk tank). We're thrilled he's agreed to join us in a leadership position.

You can see the full Advisory Board here.

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