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Welcome, Chief Deputy Jim Gilbert!

Please join us in welcoming Chief Deputy Jim Gilbert of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office to the Starfish Assignment Advisory Board. Chief Gilbert brings with him a wealth of experience and a profound dedication to law enforcement. His extensive background, including his leadership roles and his commendable work in community engagement, positions him as an invaluable asset to our board. This devotion to the community aligns perfectly with our values at Starfish Assignment, and we look forward to his contributions and insights as we continue our efforts to make a meaningful difference.

Please enjoy his biography here and see our website for information about the rest of our leadership team.

Chief Deputy Jim Gilbert, a Cincinnati native, embodies a legacy deeply rooted in law enforcement, highlighted by a family history dedicated to public service. His late father, a retired specialist with the Cincinnati Police, and his brother, a current officer in the same department, underscore this profound connection to law enforcement.

His career began with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office as an Explorer, and he further cemented his commitment to public safety as a Firefighter/EMT with the Miami Township Fire Department. After graduating from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy in 1993, Chief Gilbert balanced his early career with education at the College of Mount St. Joseph. His journey led him to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, as a police officer, before embarking on a significant tenure with the Columbus Division of Police in 1996, which included attending his second Police Academy.

Chief Gilbert's dedication shone through during his almost exclusive assignment on 11 Precinct, C Company (third shift), until his election as President of the FOP Capital City Lodge #9 in 2006, a leadership role he excelled in for six years. His tenure at CPD was distinguished by numerous awards, including two Chief's Special Commendations, The Blue Star, The Medal of Merit, two separate Officer of the Year Awards, the MADD TOP COP Award, Central Ohio Crime Stoppers Officer of the Year, The Ohio Attorney General's Distinguished Service Award, and a FCSO Certificate of Merit.

In various capacities, such as serving on the Honor Guard, Officer Support Team, State FOP CISM Team, FTO, CIT Member, and guest academy instructor, Chief Gilbert demonstrated his unwavering dedication. His expertise in critical incident response has made him a sought-after speaker on the subject.

Following his retirement from CPD in 2013, he continued his law enforcement career at the Frankin County Sheriff's Office as a Major, quickly advancing to Chief Deputy in 2014, where he now commands over 175 sworn and civilian employees in the Patrol Bureau.

Chief Gilbert's commitment to the law enforcement community is evident through his active membership in numerous professional organizations, including the FOP Capital City Lodge # 9, Ohio Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors, Ohio State FOP Critical Incident Response Mid-Ohio Team, National Sheriff's Association, Buckeye State Sheriff's Association, Ohio Chiefs of Police Association, Franklin County Chiefs of Police Association, and as a Franklin County EMA Board member. His contributions to the Eastland Career Center Law Enforcement Advisory Board and the Light Ohio Blue Advisory Board further showcase his dedication to excellence and support within the profession.

An alumnus of the Ohio State University John Glenn College of Public Affairs, Public Safety Leadership Academy Class # 3, Chief Gilbert's educational background enhances his vast experience, highlighting his leadership acumen. Beyond his professional achievements, he is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather who lives by the principle of "leading from the front." His leadership style and personal philosophy mirror his commitment to integrity, dedication, and excellence, inspired by a cherished family tradition of public service.


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