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Law Enforcement and the Community Come Together To Help Those Less Fortunate

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

      We work with law enforcement officers who identify needs in the areas they serve. When an officer encounters someone in need through the course of their duties, they contact us and we work together to come up with the best solution for the situation. Whether it's helping to fix someone's brakes so they can get to work, getting food and clothing to a family in crisis, filling an empty home with furniture, or providing emergency housing to someone who needed to leave a situation quickly, we work with our law enforcement partners to provide solutions. 

     Our primary purpose as an organization is to help people in need, and by partnering with law enforcement officers, we find we’re often able to reach people other charities might not, particularly hard-working people going through tough times. 
      Our secondary purpose is to help bring the police and the community closer together. We want to show the public that the overwhelming majority of police officers go to work every day to try to make a difference. When people have negative opinions about law enforcement, we are all less safe.

      The final purpose we have is to act as a civilian support for our partner agencies during times of crisis or after a critical incident.  We can serve as a trusted agent to channel community support for officers in need, such as providing meals or other necessities. It's an honor for us to give back to the officers who serve our communities and support them during difficult times.
      Please join us as we work to help others while supporting the relationships our law enforcement agencies have with their communities. We are funded by contributions from the community and businesses; the agencies we work with do not donate money to our support efforts.

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