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Our Advisory Board

     The Starfish Assignment Executive Board is fortunate to be complemented by an equally dedicated and compassionate Advisory Board, whose members generously volunteer their time and expertise. We would like to take a moment to introduce you to the remarkable individuals who make up this team.


Tim Becker

Tim was born and raised in Columbus and is proud of his Hilltop roots.  Tim joined the Columbus Division of Police in 1988, retiring in January 2023 after 34 years. He had many roles in his career with the Division, from patrol where he also served as a field training officer, to the Accident Investigation Unit, to a detective with the Fraud/Forgery Unit. As a sergeant, he worked at least one day on every precinct in the city and had distinguished careers as lieutenant and commander. He served the city as deputy chief starting in 2010, working in Patrol North, Patrol South, Administrative, Criminal Investigation, and the Special Operations Subdivisions. 


Tim was a trailblazer for his family in the field of law enforcement and at one point, had four relatives working with him at CPD, including his lovely bride.  In February 2023, he was honored to accept the position of Safety Director with the City of Gahanna, another Starfish partner. Tim is the father of three sons, two of which serve in the National Guard, and a third who keeps him young.

Tim obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from The Ohio State University, and a Master’s Degree in Public Safety Leadership from Capella University, where he graduated with Distinction. Tim has completed multiple police leadership courses, including the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command and the FBI National Academy.  

Tim has had a plaque on his office wall reminding him of the Starfish parable since 2001, and embraces the opportunity to help others give back to the community he loves. He is attracted to positivity and those who not only make a difference, but also willingly share their smile with others. Therefore, the Starfish Assignment is a perfect fit!


Shirley M. Cartagena

Shirley M. Cartagena graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology from Universidad de Puerto Rico. She also attended Columbia Southern to work on a Masters of Business Administration in Human Resources Management. She works at the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime where she is a Material Planner Supervisor.


Ms. Cartagena is passionate about working with people, the most valuable resource any organization has. This devotion led her to joining the Land Supplier Operations Culture Council in 2008, eventually assuming the role of chairperson for two years beginning in 2016.  There she worked to improve the culture and environment to better assist customers and personnel alike.


Shirley is originally from Puerto Rico and loves all things nature, especially the beach. She enjoys reading and playing with her two boys and puppy whenever she has the chance. 


Pete Casuccio

Pete Casuccio is an officer with the Columbus Division of Police and a leader at the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9. Committed to the motto "see a need, fill a need," Pete co-founded the Cops and Barbers initiative with his barber, Robert Cayson, in 2018. Shortly after its launch, he joined Starfish Assignment, initially as a Board Director and later on our Advisory Board, where he continues to help guide and develop our organization through his leadership.


chief gilbert 2.jpg

Jim Gilbert

Chief Deputy Jim Gilbert, a Cincinnati native, embodies a legacy deeply rooted in law enforcement, highlighted by a family history dedicated to public service. His late father, a retired specialist with the Cincinnati Police, and his brother, a current officer in the same department, underscore this profound connection to law enforcement.

His career began with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office as an Explorer, and he further cemented his commitment to public safety as a Firefighter/EMT with the Miami Township Fire Department. After graduating from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy in 1993, Chief Gilbert balanced his early career with education at the College of Mount St. Joseph. His journey led him to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, as a police officer, before embarking on a significant tenure with the Columbus Division of Police in 1996, which included attending his second Police Academy.

Chief Gilbert's dedication shone through during his almost exclusive assignment on 11 Precinct, C Company (third shift), until his election as President of the Fraternal Order of Police-Capital City Lodge #9 in 2006, a leadership role he excelled in for six years. His tenure at CPD was distinguished by numerous awards, including two Chief's Special Commendations, The Blue Star, The Medal of Merit, two separate Officer of the Year Awards, the MADD TOP COP Award, Central Ohio Crime Stoppers Officer of the Year, The Ohio Attorney General's Distinguished Service Award, and a FCSO Certificate of Merit.

In various capacities, such as serving on the Honor Guard, Officer Support Team, State FOP CISM Team, FTO, CIT Member, and guest academy instructor, Chief Gilbert demonstrated his unwavering dedication. His expertise in critical incident response has made him a sought-after speaker on the subject.

Following his retirement from CPD in 2013, he continued his law enforcement career at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office as a Major, quickly advancing to Chief Deputy in 2014, where he now commands over 175 sworn and civilian employees in the Patrol Bureau.

Chief Gilbert's commitment to the law enforcement community is evident through his active membership in numerous professional organizations, including the FOP Capital City Lodge #9, Ohio Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors, Ohio State FOP Critical Incident Response Mid-Ohio Team, National Sheriff's Association, Buckeye State Sheriff's Association, Ohio Chiefs of Police Association, Franklin County Chiefs of Police Association, and as a Franklin County EMA Board member. His contributions to the Eastland Career Center Law Enforcement Advisory Board and the Light Ohio Blue Advisory Board further showcase his dedication to excellence and support within the profession.


An alumnus of the Ohio State University John Glenn College of Public Affairs, Public Safety Leadership Academy Class #3, Chief Gilbert's educational background enhances his vast experience, highlighting his leadership acumen. Beyond his professional achievements, he is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather who lives by the principle of "leading from the front." His leadership style and personal philosophy mirror his commitment to integrity, dedication, and excellence, inspired by a cherished family tradition of public service.


Jessica Maxwell-Certain

Jessica Maxwell-Certain is the Community Outreach Specialist for the Cincinnati Division of the FBI. She began working for the FBI in 2020 as a Police Officer and later transferred to the Cincinnati Division. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Jessica has lived all over Central Ohio and is passionate about its communities. Jessica is responsible for outreach in Ohio’s lower 48 counties, although her main office is in the Columbus Resident Agency.


Jessica received a bachelor’s degree in political science from Wright State University in 2017. Following graduation, she worked at Ohio State University with the Department of Public Safety.


William H. Pascol IV

William H. Pascol IV is the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Office of Financial Resources, Office of Finance and Accounting Services. 

William has more than 13 years of experience with the Department of Defense, including five years as comptroller/director of finance, serving as the principal senior financial advisor to the Defense Logistics Agency, Land and Maritime Major Subordinate Command. In this role, he served as a senior strategic leader for planning, programming, budgeting, execution, internal audit, accounting, and financial reporting. In addition to his federal service, William has several years of experience in audit, finance, and accounting working for several Fortune 500 companies.

Along with his background in the financial arena, William possesses unique skills and leadership experience acquired from his past career as a professional collegiate football coach. William spent six years coaching, including stops at the U.S. Naval Academy and at Grand Valley State University, where he won two national championships and two Assistant Coach of the Year awards. 

William holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, with a concentration in Accounting from The Ohio State University, and a Master of Accounting degree, issued by DoD based on credit hour equivalency. 

William's words to live by:  “A life is not important, except in the impact it has on other lives.” Jackie Robinson

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