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Connections and Suggestions

Today was a very eventful day! Thanks to connections and suggestions from this page, we got in touch with Sen. Sherrod Brown's office and Dublin City Schools Board Member Stuart Harris! Jim and I will be meeting with Samantha from Sen. Brown's office tomorrow. Samantha is ALSO a Marine, and she rattled off many ways they could assist. I'm extremely excited to meet with her tomorrow.

Stu Harris is working on connecting Jim with an attorney group who will be able to assist him, AND Mr. Harris is going to introduce him to his friend, who has a lot of knowledge on homeless issues and advocacy. We're hoping to meet up with them this weekend sometime.

Brian Siktberg from Chick-fil-A Sawmill Road graciously provided Jim with a SLEW of gift cards, as well as giving him anything he wanted off the menu at our visit. He was so very kind, and I really appreciate his assistance.

Now for the not so great news: My friend Hoa Ta looked at Jim's car tonight, and he was able to recharge the air conditioning. That fix might last for a few days (or maybe longer), but there's a leak in the line, so it's ultimately a short term solution. There are a HOST of other issues with the car, and while it's driveable, we're going to be looking to replace his car rather than repair it. We've raised over $2,000 so far towards the goal of $5,000, so we're making great progress.

More updates tomorrow! Thank you all for everything you've done!

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