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Hope and a Plan

Most of the exciting stuff that happened today isn't ready for public posting, but I hope to have more news soon. In addition to Brandi's efforts on the phone yesterday, I was contacted by someone else who is trying to get me in touch with some dealers who would be willing to sell Jim a used car at a wholesale price. But, you guys have trusted me with your money, and I don't want to sit around waiting for offers to come to me, so I decided to start in the Sawmill area and go from one car dealership to another, telling them this story, and asking them to help us find a reliable car at a superior price. My son is a huge fan of Honda Marysville, but Jim and I met on Sawmill. It's our area, and I want to give the dealerships on Sawmill first chance at helping out a local hero.

I first met Russ at Byers Subaru Dublin. (Yes, technically I started on Billingsley Rd., but it's close enough to Sawmill! :P ) Russ was very kind and very interested in helping us out. He showed me a 2011 Buick Regal that should fit into our budget, and he promised to get in touch with upper management to see what else could be done.

Next on the line was Dan Tobin Buick GMC where I was greeted in the parking lot by the delightful Victor Arnold. I looked at him and asked, "Were you in the military?"

He replied, "Sure was."

Even while I was asking, "What branch?" I knew what the answer was: "Marines."

Victor could get us in a 2008 Chevy Impala LS sedan that would be below our initial budget of $5000, so we'd have enough to cover insurance and such. But I could tell even while I was there that he was thinking. Thinking hard. He's a man of action, and I feel that he's going to play a role with Jim in the future, even if it's "just" to swing by and have dinner with him some day. Remember, Jim misses companionship, and Marines can supply that in spades. We are FUN people! :D

My next stop was Germain Ford, There were two people at the front desk when I approached: a lovely, very sweet young woman (who gave me water--bless her!), and an older gentlemen who made me feel like I was home. I want to be his friend and hang out with him and go volunteer at places with him. That man was Mr. Lee Green. He took me over to his desk, and when I asked him if he wanted the long version or the short version of the story, he hesitated for only as split second before saying, "The long version." Later on in the conversation (much later) he said, "Why on earth would you even offer me the short version? This is a GREAT story!"

Mr. Green gave me hope and a plan, and I will let you know the results of that plan if it comes to fruition. After I left, I didn't go to any more dealerships.

Russ at Buyers Subaru, Vincent at Dan Tobin Buick GMC Chevrolet, and Lee at Germain Ford. If any of you are looking for vehicles, they were all lovely. Or if you take your vehicles there for service, please let their bosses know you read about them online and you appreciate them taking time out of their days to listen to a random woman with big dreams for her friend.

The kids and I took Jim out to dinner at Bravo tonight so I could update him on where things stand (and so I didn't have to cook anything!). When we first met Jim on Wednesday, my son noticed his phone's screen protector was very cracked and that his case had seen better days. Because he has an older phone (HTC One A9), we couldn't find any screen protectors or cases for it in local stores, so I ordered some off Amazon. After dinner, my son and I replaced the cracked screen protector and case. It looks a lot better, but unfortunately, the screen itself is cracked down the middle and in the upper left corner. It still works, and Jim understandably doesn't want to buy a new one until that one dies. But if any of you have an extra phone that will work on T-Mobile that you wouldn't mind donating to Jim, please let me know.

Yesterday you briefly read that Jim is going to the VA on Monday. He's been there before, so he's very capable of going on his own, but I hoping to have someone go with him, just to be a second set of ears and to advocate for his needs. That person is the delightful COL Yee Hang! Yes, my work friends: COL Hang is going with Jim on Monday!! How COOL is that?! :D

Finally, one of the things that is wrong with Jim's current vehicle is that something is causing his battery to intermittently fail, requiring random jump starts. One of those happened this morning, in fact. Luckily, I was home and ran over real quick. Well, Hoa Ta bought him a portable battery so Jim is never again stranded because of this.

And that's all the news that's fit to print the gorgeous July evening! Thank you all for your support.

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