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Today has already started out great! Jim needed another jump this morning, which I went and did, and I got to hand him the portable battery that Hoa picked up for him. He was really happy with that, and I'm sure it gives him a sense of independence knowing he can jump himself if he's not in his usual areas.

This made me a bit late to meet up with John Swayne, who's my power washer/gutter/window cleaner guy. I'd made an appointment with him a week or two ago to come do our annual outdoor maintenance on our house. John could not have been kinder about my tardiness.

I asked him, "Can I write you a check right now, please, because I'm not sure if I'll still be here when you're through."

He said, "Actually, I want to donate my entire fee to your friend. I want to help out."

I nearly cried! Please, please, if you need your gutters cleaned, your house power washed, or your windows cleaned, please call this kind and generous man. He's done my house for several years, and I assure you that his work is top notch.

This is a good time to discuss offline donations: So far, I've received $100 through PayPal/Venmo, $50 from a neighbor, $10 from a colleague, and $125 from John. I received $20 from another neighbor who wrote such a sweet note to Jim on the envelope that I knew he'd want to read, so I asked her if I could give it to him today instead of adding it to the fund, and she agreed. So, $285 that's not included in the total. There's no sense in adding that in and giving 2.6% to Facebook when I withdraw it, but I wanted to mention it in the spirit of full disclosure.

Finally, thank you to the person who went by this morning and gave Jim some food and offered him some water. I'd love to know who you are if you want to message me. He really appreciated the gesture.

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