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Serenity and Comfort

This afternoon, Jim and I had the honor of meeting with Stuart Harris and Tyler C. Fehrman. They were both incredibly kind, respectful, and sincerely interested in helping. They both have deep ties to the Republican Party, which means this effort has truly become bipartisan. <3

While we were talking, one or the other of them would remember the name of someone who could help us (such as Rep. Steve Stivers or Clarence Mingo - Franklin County Auditor) and Tyler would begin texting or would say sweetly, "I already contacted them." It was really fun!

I don't have the words to express the serenity and comfort they gave me, just by being willing to help. I feel very strongly that big, wonderful things are going to happen this week, and I'm so grateful to be witness to it.

Stu is a Dublin City Schools board member and my son, Rohan, was very excited to meet with him. Stu took the time to talk to Rohan about experiences he'd had in school, and ask him his opinion on several different things (and he took notes!). He was empathetic, respectful, and caring to both an 11-year-old boy and a homeless gentlemen. Truly a great man.

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