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Acts of Kindness

Today was about small acts of kindness that added up to a beautiful day. Technically, it started last night, when so many of you reached out after reading yesterday's entry. I wasn't sure how it would be received, and I appreciate all of you who wrote kind messages and who said our experience has helped enlighten you. I received several offers along the lines of, "Have you already done/researched XXXX? If you haven't, I'll be happy to do it for you!" Those offers were joyously accepted!

This morning I awoke to a big, beautiful bag of men's toiletries deposited there by a thoughtful neighbor. I went by to give them to Jim on my way to work, but he was sleeping so peacefully that I let him be.

More kindnesses came throughout the day:

*My beautiful MBA school professor who has turned herself into our public relations team

*A friend who wrote to ask if Jim could use her skills as a stylist to get a fresh haircut

*Another friend who is tirelessly chasing down lesser known possibilities for short term housing, and who added that she'd help out any other way she could--"Just put me to work!" :)

*My friend, Lee, who called to check in on how I'm doing and to give me a much needed and much appreciated pep talk

*A check that came in the mail from a beautiful stranger who included a lovely note and two Dublin fundraiser discount cards--one for me and one for Jim

Thank all of you--ALL of you--for being part of this campaign. Every donation, every "like," every share, every word of encouragement has helped to make this process such a beautiful event to be part of.

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