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Big things going on today. First and foremost, WE GOT JIM A CAR!!! It's a 2007 Honda Element with 140,000 miles, and it was $5000, with everything included--tax, title, and all services (which included brand new brakes and rotors). The Element really suits him, as you can see in the below picture, and he said it drives very nicely. We were thrilled to find out that it's all wheel drive, which is a huge plus.

His old car will be towed away on Monday, and the hotel agreed to let him keep it there until then. He had to get a replacement title, but that was done in the afternoon pretty quickly, so things are shaping up very nicely for him.

After we picked up the Element, we met with Kevin from the Columbus Dispatch! He was professional and kind. He's a great listener and was very sensitive to Jim's feelings. Kevin did an excellent job of getting Jim to speak about his experiences in Viet Nam and his time on the streets. He drew more out of him than I've been able to in the past two weeks. (Seriously, guys--it's only been 16 days. Isn't that mind boggling?)

Kevin would like to speak to some of Jim's supporters. If you are interested in talking to him about why you chose to help Jim, or what it was about this experience that has inspired you, please message me with your phone number. It might help if you could say a few words about what you'd like to discuss so he can fill in gaps in his story as needed.

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