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We Have a Date!

Jim is moving into his new apartment on Tuesday!!

Technically, the VA money won't start paying for it until Thursday or Friday of that week, but we can get him in a bit earlier if we pay ~$20 a day in the meantime (we should find out the exact cost per day on Monday). I think we all can agree that's a pretty good use of funds!

I will take the day off work on Tuesday to help get him settled in a bit. That first day, my only priority is to get the bed set up. I want to take it very slow for him. If we can get the dresser set up that day, that would be nice as well, but I'm not going to rush him (like I would do if I were moving myself). I figure by Saturday or Sunday we should have things looking pretty nice.

I know many of you have asked what he needs, what you can get him, or if you can donate items. As I mentioned, this isn't an apartment, it's a room. It's perfectly fine for his needs, but he has very little space for things. I'm going to Ikea to get him some of the furniture, and my friend Sang Hyun is donating a loveseat and a few other items, so we're pretty much set as far as furniture goes. While he does need household items, so many of you have been so very generous with those as well that I think we're all set on that front, too!

We're almost there!!! Just a few more days! <3

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