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Is Tomorrow the Big Day?

I am about 90% sure that Jim will MOVE INTO HIS APARTMENT TOMORROW!!!

There were some things that still needed to be done in the place this morning. The manager is so nice and she genuinely wants it to be a good, happy place for Jim, so she's trying very hard. The only thing that won't be done tomorrow is the new kitchen counter won't be installed, but if that's ALL that needs to be done, we're good.

Hoa is going to meet us there at 9:15 to go over the place and work with Jim to fix any minor things that might come up.

Jim and I discussed how he's feeling. I told him I can only imagine that he might be a bit apprehensive, and he admitted there might be some truth to that. It's been six years since he's had a home of his own. This is an entirely new life he's coming into. I'm working as best I can to help him understand we're still going to be in his life, that we're all still going to be part of his support network. If you've befriended him, please do your best to maintain that relationship.

At the same time, my daughter is concerned that he won't talk to US anymore once he moves, so he'll also have to work a bit himself. :)

Speaking of my daughter, Ashlan, she went to Ikea with us tonight to help pick out some of the major pieces of furniture for Jim's place. We had a good time, and everything went smoothly. I think the new apartment will be a beautiful place for him, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing it done. I hope to have some great news to share tomorrow.

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