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He Has a Home!

Today went so well. No issues at all. I arrived four minutes after the appointed time, and both Hoa and Jim were already in the apartment, looking around and discussing what needed to be done.

Arnon Reichers arrived not much after I did, and we immediately set to getting things in order. Ugh...the rest of it...hours and hours and hours of putting together that stupid Ikea furniture. Thankfully, before Hoa had to head to work at noon, he put the bed together while I was making a trip home to pick up some of the items you all so graciously donated. Mary Morgan Frederich joined us, and she and Arnon got everything organized while Jim and I set to work on the furniture. My friend Phil

joined us in the evening, bearing gifts, humor, and a willingness to wade into the Ikea morass with me.

Rohan and I will go back over tomorrow, when my friend Sang will bring over the loveseat he set aside for Jim. We're also expecting guest appearances from a few other notables. For tonight, I'm exhausted, so I'm heading off to bed. But I don't think more words are necessary. Enjoy the pictures instead. ;)

Thank you. All of you. Thank you so very much.

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