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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This has been an emotional few weeks for everyone, and we're coming to the point where we can take a mental break, relax, and enjoy our accomplishments.

But not first thing this morning. We had work to do. :)

Dave managed to be the first to get moving, and he came bearing coffee and donuts. Sang came by with a love seat, end table, and TV. This TV is freaking huge. I was thinking some 24" one or something, but no. Nope. That's not how Sang rolls. Thank God we bought that huge dresser! 😂

Suzanne showed up with a fantastic (brand new!) vacuum cleaner, then she and I "supervised" the placement of the TV, dresser, and couch. We did a great job in that capacity until Arnon arrived with her precious purse-sized chihuahua, Maria. Literally, everyone STOPPED what they were doing and went to lavish her with attention.

This is another one of those "just look at the pictures" updates. Enjoy!