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Assignment: Support for a Grieving Grandmother

REFERRING OFFICER: Ofc. John Kifer, K-9 Unit

ASSIGNMENT: Emergency food donation. Shoes and school uniforms for grandkids.


Today we received a referral from Columbus Division of Police Ofc. John Kifer, requesting food, shoes, and clothing for the grandchildren of a woman he encountered while on patrol in the Bottoms. She was widowed 2.5 months ago and is still very much grieving her loss. In addition, she's caring for her four grandchildren, ages 10, 12, 12, and 17.

We dipped into our cash on hand and purchased food supplies which Jim, Rohan, and I delivered this evening. I also contacted the younger kids' school, and a lovely woman named Leah said she would get them pants and shoes. I'm sending the school a check for $48 to cover the cost of two shirts each for those three children. (The 17-year-old is fine with clothing, as his father took him school shopping recently.)

I've asked Jennifer to contact the grandmother and educate her about what kinds of support programs are available for her and the kids. I also provided the grandmother with a number to a grief counselor in her area that can hopefully help ease her through the loss of her husband.

For now, we're not asking anything of the group. If you'd like to contribute to our general fund so that we have cash on hand for these types of events, that would be very much appreciated. You can do so through Paypal, If you'd prefer to send a check, please message me for the address.

If you do happen to have gently used navy blue polo shirts in sizes 10, 12, or 14, we will happily take them for the kids. Also, if you have towels and dishcloths, the family would appreciate them very much.

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