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ABC6 Columbus

ABC6 Columbus did a story on the Hilltop family that Columbus Division of Police Officer Chung introduced us to. He and two other CPD officers saved them from a fire that would have otherwise killed them. Bentley calls Ofc Chung a super hero, and he wants to take him to school for show and tell. He is such a sweet, loving child, and it is so frustrating that Columbus City Schools refuses to honor the agreement his mother worked out with them at the end of the last school year.

His mother, Jennifer, and his teacher both agreed that retention in kindergarten was what was best for him, given his learning challenges, yet the school board refuses to listen to Jennifer, and won't even condescend to give her an explanation as to why he was promoted over the summer without consulting her.

By the way, the bike that little Bentley was riding in this video was stolen from him. If anyone has a replacement one they could donate, I'll make sure to get it to him.

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