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Shopping Spree!

Yesterday, Jim, my friend Suzanne, and I went shopping at Kohl's to fill in the remaining gaps in Jim's wardrobe. He received so many clothing donations, and they were so NICE, that he didn't have many needs--but he definitely needed a few pairs of pants and a couple of belts.

I'm not a shopping fan, but I wanted Jim's first shopping spree in years to be fun, so I asked Suzanne to join us. She did NOT disappoint. I arrived in the men's section three minutes late, and she already had him in a dressing room trying pants on. She's a marvel. At one point, Jim and I were trying to figure out what belt to get. We figured out his size and were reaching for one to look at it when Suzanne came around the corner with an assortment of five belts in that size for him to choose from. A freaking marvel!!

We ended up getting belts, a scarf, socks, pants, a melon colored shirt (Jim loves bright colors and it was only $5.37), a pair of flip flops, a wallet, shorts, and a suit coat that was on clearance for $30.04 after the 30% off coupon we had. Total for all of this was $198.04, and we got everything he said he needed, to include through winter. He looks SOOOOOO sharp!!

Thanks for helping, Suzanne. You really made it fun for both of us!

Once we finished shopping, I gave Jim a framed collage of some pictures we took on this journey. He and I had talked about him needing a memento to hang up in his house, and this was the result. It says, "Providential" on it.

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