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Big Hearted

We visited Jennifer and her family today. Just a short visit to drop off some food and some more clothing and household donations. Jennifer had told me on the phone that the kids had drawn us some pictures, so I bought them an assortment of crayons, markers, colored pencils, and full ream of paper (500 sheets).

They were so happy to see those supplies. Jorge spent 10 minutes going through all the colored pencils (there were 100), reading the package, commenting on the names, talking about which were his favorite. That was before he even started to use them!

They were so happy and so grateful for everything that's being done for them. When Zahara saw the heart pillow that a donor had sent over, her face lit up. Jennifer asked her, "Would you like to take that home? You can have it."

Zahara grinned, held it up to her chest, and said, "Look how big my heart is!"

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