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Strategy Session

Tonight our first strategic meeting took place at Panera Bread, 877 Bethel Rd., Columbus. We had an introduction to Starfish's mission and history, which included our founder’s journey, some of our early Assignments, and our non-profit status.

Other than the 15 individuals present we also had the presence of 17th Precinct Community Liaison Officer, Joe Townsend. He enlightened everyone on how our work assists the community tremendously and how our service providers really appreciate our collaboration.

Our work with Starfish Assignment is just commencing, but we identified people willing to help out with our Twitter, manage our Instagram, act as event planners, help with fundraising, and work to get coats donated for our coat drive. With this said, we have plenty of volunteer opportunities including more opportunities for Facilitators (people who manage the requests for assistance that come in from the officers), media coordinator, volunteer coordinator, assistance on fundraising, event planners, and even leaders for discussion sessions.

We currently have two events taking place: our coat drive and our elementary school lunches. We could use much more help! Please remember we could touch more lives in different ways if we have your aid. If you missed this meeting, do not fret, We will have many more, and could even expand to other areas as new ideas are provided. Take a moment, reach out to us and one of our members will address all your questions! Continue to keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and our new Instagram page for future occurrences.

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