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Kids and Cops Luncheon

We're working with Community Liaison Officer Brian Newsome (19th Precinct/Hilltop) to throw a pizza party for the fifth graders of Burroughs Elementary School. Ofc Newsome, and some of his fellow Columbus police officers, will talk informally about how to combat peer pressure, something these children will deal with more as they move to middle school next year. In the process, were sure fun will be had and some bonds will be created, so the kids know just how much these officers care about them and their neighborhoods.

Thank you to State Farm Agent Kim Roe for helping to sponsor this event! She and her team do a monthly "Pay It Forward" luncheon to give back to the community. Last month, they bought lunch for the officers of the 17th precinct, who recommended us for this month's honor. We couldn't have been more thrilled when Kim happily agreed to support this Hilltop event.

We're hoping to do gift bags for each of the 60 kids participating--things like pencils, notebooks, crayons, cereal bars, fruit cups, stickers, etc. If you would like to donate items or money for these, or if you'd like to sponsor future luncheons at other schools, please let us know!

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