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Pizza Patrol Luncheon

Our next Pizza Patrol luncheon with Columbus Division of Police officers will be at Valley View Elementary School in the Hilltop on November 27. We're particularly excited about this one, because the girl whose idea it was for kids to have lunch with cops goes to this school and will be participating in the pizza party! Jenna is a very kind, intelligent young lady, and we're thrilled she's giving us ideas. A few years ago, she and her family were rescued from a house fire by Ofc Ed Chung and two other Columbus Police Officers. They've stayed in touch, and she and her family really love the police. In fact, her little brother wants to take Ofc Chung in for Show & Tell!

We already have a sponsor for the pizza: Orlandi's Cleaning contacted us about a month ago and asked how they could get involved. They're a fantastic company who not only does great work, but who wants to give back to their community.

We're asking for your help with items for the gift bags that we're going to give to each of the 50 students. We especially want to make sure we have dental kits in them since the kids at our last luncheon were so happy about them. Please let us know if you can donate money or items, or if you're willing to contact your dentist to see if you can get him/her to donate some toothbrushes and toothpaste!

Finally, a shout out to Robin Sheehan and Image360 Columbus-Dublin for making us such a cool Pizza Patrol logo. We love it and want to thank you for all the help you give us!

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