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Christmas Cheer

Last night, we were contacted by a Columbus Division of Police officer from 9 Precinct (Southeast side), who asked if we'd be able to help a large family who doesn't have the money to do anything for Christmas. The mom works long hours at a parking garage in downtown Columbus, trying to provide for her seven kids, ages 2-12.

Our co-founder, Rohan (age 12), decided the best thing we could give kids with that big of an age range was bunch of art supplies, and we agreed. We also threw in some Play-Doh, a box of "ugly sweater" sugar cookies for the kids to decorate, and a gift card to Walmart so Mom can pick up some other treats (or necessities).

We'll be making this delivery tomorrow. Thanks again for your donations that make last minute gifts like this possible!

Bonus: while we were shopping, we got to meet Sgt Christopher Hogan, who normally works at 5 Precinct (Linden). Yes, we randomly walked up to him and told him about Starfish. He was great, and we hope to talk to him again soon!

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